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Best 5 Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015

By Guillaume | June 16, 2015 | 3 Comment


Ciao! For those who don’t know, the Universal Exposition is held in Milan from 1st of May 2015 until 31st October 2015. The theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, understand: Food and Drink from all over the World. Each civilized country has its own Pavilion which presents the latest innovation in term of food and also the tradition and culture of the country. On most of them a restaurant or shop will allow you to try the local food and beverage.

I visited it in May and I have to say that it is a great experience. I will highly advise you to take some days off and fly to the beautiful Italian Capital of Fashion (and rudeness)!

The Expo is quite massive and a weekend is clearly not enough to visit everything. But some Pavilions are really worth a visit. The following are the best 5 Pavilions according to me.

#5 Egypt

Egypt Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

Most of the Pavilions are located on the Main Street. However the smaller countries or the ones which didn’t have enough money to pay for a good location are located on the side of the Expo. Egypt is one them.

This Pavilion doesn’t look great from outside but it’s quite interesting inside. It is full of technology using Tablets and 3D videos which send you 3000 years in the past to visit the great Pyramids and other Pharaonic Temples. It also has a massive shop where you can buy gifts as various as real papyrus, postcards from Cairo or even little Egyptian statutes. This will allow you to pretend to have visited Egypt without leaving our beautiful Europe.

Just after the shop, you can find a little snack (Egyptian know well how to collect your money) with famous Egyptian dishes like falafel or kofta.

Last but not least: The most beautiful hostesses I saw where located in this Pavilion!


#4 South Korea

South Korea Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

Let’s move to the East directly to the Asian continent for the Pavilion of Republic of Korea. After have been welcomed by a pretty Korean hostess with a nice “Anyong haseyo” (Hello in Korean), you can enter in this strange-looking building.

Inside you can find some information about food and Korean culture mixed with the latest robotic technologies. At the end of the visit you can have a rest at the small snack-bar and try Korean products. I will advise you the Aloe Vera drink, cheap and delicious! Outside the Pavilion, a stage with Korean music and several foodie or cultural stands are waiting for you.


#3 Germany

Germany Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

After have visited this Pavilion, I know why Germany is ruling Europe right now! It is full of interactivity with the visitors mixed with the latest German technology. At the beginning of the visit, you will receive a piece of cardboard without knowing what the hell is this. You will later discover that if you pass this cardboard above some specific areas in the building, it will become an interactive tablet. Awesome!

As usual a snack-bar with a great music stage is located outside. You can eat your Pretzels with a Bavarian beer while enjoying the nice and lovely sound of a German singer screaming his language in the micro. What, he wasn’t screaming? Sorry.


#2 Austria

Austria Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

Summer in Italy can be quite warm to not say burning! If you want some fresh air, don’t wait and go directly to the Austrian Pavilion. They created a real forest! The air there is fresh and full of oxygen! Perfect to have a rest after a hard morning of walking and queuing.
It is really a great experience and you will feel like in the middle of an Austrian forest. A forest full of Chinese and Italians tourists indeed.


#1 Japan

Japan Pavilion - Expo Milano 2015

Be ready to wait. If the Japanese Pavilion is, according to me, the best Pavilion of this Expo, it is also the one with the longest queue! 1h30min of waiting when I was there. Patience is maybe a quality that Japanese people have, but it’s not the case for French ^^

Anyway, it is worth to wait. This Pavilion is designed like a Disneyland attraction! An exhibition or show will be displayed in each room and it takes around 45min to see everything. You can, if you want, download an application for your Smartphone which will allow you to have some extra information during your visit.

The final show is at the image of Japan, crazy, and it’s quite funny too. But I won’t tell you more. Let’s keep some surprise!


17 June, 2015 Reply

The swimming pool of the Czech Republic's Pavilion is quite fun too!! Especially in summer.

03 November, 2015 Reply


La lozère est pas dans ton top 5 ?
Nos artisans avaient un petit stand. Petit mais là ! :D


    03 November, 2015 Reply

    Il y avait un stand pour la Lozère ?? Il devait vraiment être petit alors...

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